Christos Samaras – Medical student at Sofia University in Bulgaria, NorWHO 2017

NorWHO 2017 was an one-of-a-kind intellectual and social conference that brings together an extraordinary assortment of young minds from around the globe.
This WHO Simulation strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues, stresses the in-depth examination and resolution of pressing issues, emphasising process over product.

During the conference, I had the opportunity to learn the importance of balancing national interests with the needs of the international community, while also learning about the powers and limitations of international negotiation.

This conference provided me experiential learning opportunities that allow to find common ground with peers from a wide range of backgrounds. It offered preparation for global citizenship to the next generation of international leaders. It encouraged me to be the force for change.

Mohammed Alkafay – Medical student at Alazhar university in Egypt, NorWHO 2017

After finishing NorWHO17 and returning back to my home with a lot of wonderful memories, I would like to thank each one of you very very much. Starting from NorWHO17’s president Abdulkarim Harakow followed by his amazing team, I really appreciate your work and effort. Again the greatest praise goes to the guys who worked together to accomplish NorWHO17, you exerted a huge effort.

Abeid Athman – Medical student at Lugansk State Medical University in Kenya, NorWHO 2017

It was a great feeling when I first stepped in WHO European headquarters, I felt am a very important person (cause not any Tom, Dick or Harry can step in there). I congratulate the OC for securing that venue, it makes the whole event so real. Thanks to the event am now connected to the whole world and I learnt new cultures since we had participants almost from all continents. Finally, I got to learn how the world health policies are made and how each decision have an impact on our health, this has empowered me with the leadership skills and decision making when making policies.

Maja Søndergaard Knudsen – Medical student at Copenhagen University in Denmark, NorWHO 2017

NorWHO 2017 was a great experience, both during the events of the conference and in the evenings. It was indeed interesting and educational to learn about the decision making process at the WHO. It reinforced my interest in global health. In the evenings we got to socialise with the other delegates, and we had a very good time.

Claire Brash – Medical student at Imperial College London, NorWHO 2016

“NorWHO 2016 was an immersive and engaging simulation, in which I was thrilled to hold the role of Regional Chair. Throughout the conference, delegates worked together to develop their understanding of health policy, advocate for the position of their individual country, non-governmental organisation or media role, and ultimately collaborate to put their ideas into action as a proposed resolution paper. Our hosts at United Nations City were incredibly accommodating, and it was so exciting to simulate debate in an authentic setting. In addition to learning a great deal about the role of the World Health Organisation and how campaigns to reduce Antimicrobial Resistance fits into this, I have made a wonderful group of friends from around the world, who I hope I shall meet again, as future global health professionals.”

Mariana Marrana – Veterinary student at University of Porto in Portugal, NorWHO 2016

“NorWHO 2016 surpassed my expectations. The simulations were very well conducted and the participants came from different backgrounds, which brought interesting inputs to the table. Being a Delegate for a country other than my own, especially being from another continent, I had to dedicate some time to study and to understand what it is like to walk on their shoes – it was actually much better than representing my own! Socially, I met great people and ended up with a very interesting network of contacts. I would definitely do it again or recommend it to my colleagues!”

Edoardo Pennesi – Medical student at University of Pisa in Italy,  NorWHO 2016

“NorWHO 2016 was a great experience. I gained an insight into the decision-making process adopted at the international level and into the cross-sectoral strategies required to tackle global health issues. The 2016 edition was held at the UN-City, Copenhagen, a wonderful venue that makes you feel like a real country’s ambassador to WHO. The programme, gathering students from different backgrounds and nationalities, creates an extraordinary framework to develop a creative thinking and to adopt a pragmatic approach to real-life problems.”

Claudine Girardo – Public Health Student at VetAgro in France, NorWHO 2016

“I really enjoyed taking part in this experience. It has been six months since then, and this hindsight allows me to tell you that I value even more the benefits of it. Comparing to classic lectures, this learning-by-doing opportunity taught me loads of things in an effortless way, and that I shall remember on the long-term. Negotiating and writing a draft resolution within the World Health Organisation hold no more secrets!”

Julius Hvidt – Medical student of Denmark, NorWHO 2014

As a Bachelor of Science in International Business at Copenhagen Business School, now studying medicine at Aarhus University, I have been searching for a conference such as NorWHO. NorWHO has allowed me to combine my passion for healthcare with my interest in international policy making and economics. During the conference we experienced the democratic process of negotiating a policy with a number of students from all around the world. The process of reaching agreements across our many different cultural backgrounds was both challenging and at the same time the most rewarding part of the conference. I will highly recommend attending NorWHO’s next conference to anybody with an interest in healthcare, healthcare administration, or international politics.

Gustaf Drevin & Rrezarta Kanel Rama – Medical students of Sweden, NorWHO 2013

We were gladly surprised of how much we actually understood of interna- tional relations, politics, economics, and lobbying from such a, seemingly, mod- est simulation. although it was difficult anticipating how much to prepare on be- forehand, one learnt much by the peda- gogical nature of the simulation. Hope- fully, what we learnt from this imaginary setting will someday contribute to the concrete improvement of people’s health also in real life

NorWHO testimonial

Nathan Cantley – Medical student of the United Kingdom, NorWHO 2013

During the conference I acted as the UK WHO ambassador and found it quite difficult to make sure I “played my role” throughout each discussion and not simply bring my own personal opinions into what could be put forward into a discussion such as this. This was no truer when I felt the full force of two gentlemen who were representing the pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck. These two were easily the most persuasive throughout the conference as they mobilised key delegates representing countries such as Denmark, New Zealand, France and the giant international funder that is the USA to create separate resolutions and proposed clauses that included phrases that would benefit pharma IMMENSELY if voted through.

I hope the organisers plan another NorWHO for next year or the year after as I can’t emphasise enough how interesting it was (albeit tiring by the end) to sit and have discussions about a topic as expansive as global mental health and see how factions of delegates found ways to represent the views of the nations they acted as in a global forum. I have learnt a huge amount about how to come to compromise on topics (which people who know me will realise is quite a step for my normally stubborn mentality) and how to work with other delegates to come to an agreed set of ideas.