Three good reasons to join

NorWHO is a simulation that brings the WHO and students from across the globe shoulder to shoulder! Join us to discuss obesity.


You will experience what it is like to participate in international negotiations on behalf of a nation, an NGO or the press.

Healthcare policy

You will achieve a better understanding on how international guidelines are reached within the World Health Organization (WHO).


You will meet students from all over the world with a passion for global health and international diplomacy.

 NorWHO is a five-day  Simulation for students that replicates the World Health Assembly (WHA). The simulation is complemented by lectures from notable speakers with extensive expirence in policy-making, health research  or another field related to the topic of  NorWHO 2022. NorWHO resembles a Model United Nations (MUN) event with a special focus on the WHO.  

NorWHO 2022 will take place August 2022 at the UN-City in Copenhagen.